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Kit Rubiclean Pro 3


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  • Plastic tray with two squeeze rollers.
  • Wheels built into the base.
  • Capacity: 5.3 gl. (24 l.) Useful capacity: 3.7 gl. (17 l.) Dimensions: 20 1/2" x 10 5/8" x 10 1/4" (52 x 27 x 26 cm.)
  • Supplied assembled and in 1 unit case. Available in Palbox of 12 units (Ref. 69948)

Data sheet

Maximum capacity24 Ltr.
Useful capacity17 Ltr.
Maximum Dimensions52 x 27 x 26 cm
Manufacturer Warranty

RUBI float with sponge HYDRO-PRO or HYDR-PRO-PLUS 

- available in two different models: HYDRO PRO or HYDRO-PRO-PLUS
- Floats with high absorption sponge for grout cleaning and finishing
- PLUS model has longitudinal cuts for increased performance in wiping away dirt

Data sheet

Resistance to abrasion (1-4)3
Absorption level (1-4)3
Dimensions Sponge/Float/Pad size28x14x3cm
Manufacturer Warranty
  • For grouting ceramic, wood ergonomic handle.
  • Available in different hardnesses of rubber for best finish as the joint width.
  • Rubber float trowel, with white rubber sheet wear resistant.
  • Solid rubber float, with hard rubber abrasion resistant.
  • Termoflex float, medium hardness.

Data sheet

Dimensions Sponge/Float/Pad size250x110x10mm
Manufacturer Warranty
  • 45º Angled notches for confort and less user effort.
  • Improves adherence of the mortar on to work surface.
  • Special carbon steal alloy plate of high wear resistance.
  • Extremely light,high resistance aluminium reinforcement.
  • Highly rigid joint betwwen the reinforcement and the plate.
  • Ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle with two textures.
  • To clean ceramic surfaces and other materials.
  • Float with three different roughness replaceable pads; soft (red), medium (blue) and hard (brown).
  • 3 sets of pads: very soft (white), soft (red), medium (blue) and hard (brown) Available set of 3 pads of different roughness: soft (red), medium (blue) and hard (brown).

Data sheet

Dimensions Sponge/Float/Pad size20x10x2.5cm
Quantity1 float + 3 mixed pads
Manufacturer Warranty

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Kit Rubiclean Pro 3

Kit Rubiclean Pro 3

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