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Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear Shower Drain & Waterproofing Kit


Install a Walk-in Shower with Gurú Shower Drain and Waterproofing Solutions.

Waterproof your Shower Area and Install a Shower Drain easily with Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear.

This kit includes:

4m2 Waterproof membrane. WATER-STOP layer of 2 x 2 m.
Stainless steel Shower Drain with 1,5 mm. thick LISA Grill
Low profile siphon with DN / ID 50 connection.
Installation accessories.

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  • 60 cm
  • 70 cm
  • 80 cm
  • 90 cm
  • 100 cm
  • 120 cm

More details on the Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear Shower Drain & Waterproofing Kit

Install and Waterproof a Walk-in Shower with Gurú! 

Choose a Floor-Level Shower for your Bathroom! With Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear Kit this is easy and convenient to Waterproof and install your shower drain! The installation kit includes the waterproof membrane ‘WATER-STOP’ (as well as accessories for corners or walls), a siphon, stainless steel shower drain and grill, supplied with all the accessories to prepare and waterproof the shower area!

The Linear Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear Kit to install a Walk-in Shower includes:

6 dimensions of Shower drain system available!

  • Linear shower drain system of 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 or 120cm.
  • Drain trays and Grill made of AISI 304 Stainless steel. 1.5mm. thick.
  • 6mm. wide perimeter drainage slot.
  • Flat design with Gurú logo.
  • For shower of 4 or 3-way or 1 slopes. 
linear shower drain Guru LISA Linea shower drain Lisa GURU

Low profile siphon that complies EN 1253 norms  

  • Horizontal drainage system oriented at 360º
  • With DN/DI 50 connection.
  • With removable water seal.

Water Stop Layer

  • Waterproof Membrane of 4m2 (2 x 2m.)
  • With connection for the shower drain system centered in lateral widthways position and at 25 cm. from the edge

Natte impermeable Water-stop pour douche italienne

Installation accessories

  • DN50/40 reductor – (50M / 40H).
  • 2 sealing reinforcement for interior corners (WATER STOP DIN).
  • 2 sealing reinforcement for shower inlet pipes (WATER STOP TUBO).
  • Hair trap.
  • Template to mark the suitable screed level according to the tile thickness and to protect the hole when you apply the cement.

Linear Gurú Evolux Lisa IntegraKit benefits

  • GURÚ kit includes solutions to waterproof the shower surface as well as for the draining of the shower.
  • The separate installation of the plug with siphon and the layer, through pressure connection, makes it more convenient and simple.
  • Connections are elastic and do not require special tools. The accessories are assembled by pressure. Leveling and adjusting the coating is also easier.
  • The installation is 90mm. high.
  • Non-return system to collect the water under the tiles.
  • This is possible to cancel the storage of water.
  • Meets European standards.

Guru waterproofing system for floor-level shower

Look at this video to see the process of installation! 

Steps to install your floor-level shower with Gurú floor-level shower kit

  1. Prepare the shower area. Allow the height or depth for slopes of 1.5%. And you need 90mm. minimum.
  2. Install the drain body.
  3. Lay the cement. Use the plastic tap to protect the hole and keep space for your tiles.
  4. Lay the adhesive (C2) and install waterproof membrane. Apply pressure on the connections so that it is correctly placed with the shower drain.
  5. Place shower drain.
  6. Tile the floor.
The manufacturer preserves the right to change the content at any time without further notice.

Features of the Gurú Evolux Lisa Linear Shower Drain & Waterproofing Kit

Waterproof membrane (Water-Stop)Water-Stop 2 x 2 m (4 m2)
Blockage prevention
Nominal sizeDN 50/40
Resistance of water steal to pressure> 400 Pa
Installation at a minimum height of9 cm: With 9 mm-thick flooring.
RequerimentsEN 1253-1
MethodEN 1253-2
Depth of water seal50 mm
Flow rate0.5 l/s
Main drain bodyABS Side outlet connection DN/DI 50
HousingINOX (AISI 304)
Self-cleansing capacity

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