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Heavy gloves RUBI


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RUBI reinforced gloves are designed to provide protection against mechanical risks.

The main feature of RUBI reinforced gloves is their excellent abrasion and tear resistance, which makes them ideal for general handling of building materials.

RUBI reinforced gloves offer a protection index of 4132, which means:

- Abrasion resistance index: 4 (minimum 8,000 cycles).

- Blade cut resistance index: 1 (minimum factor of 1.2 and a maximum of 2.49).

- Tear resistance index: 3 (minimum 50 N - maximum 74 N).

- Puncture resistance index: 2 (minimum 60 N - maximum 99 N).

RUBI reinforced gloves only come in size 10 (equivalent to size L).

RUBI reinforced gloves are manufactured in compliance with the EN 338 standard.
The manufacturer preserves the right to change the content at any time without further notice.

Features of the Heavy gloves RUBI

Comply with the legal regulationEN 338
EN 3384132
EN 388 - 2003 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks4132
Abrasion resistance (cycles number to wear the glove out). The more number of cycles, the more resistant the glove.4 (8000)
Resistance to cut with a knife: the number of cycles determines the cutting protection according to a given level.1 (1.2)
Tear Strength: According to the force required to tear a glove sample.3 (50 N)
Force drilling: According to the force required to pierce the glove sample with a standardized punch.2 (60 N)
Certification: European Regulatory Comission
Manufacturer Warranty

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