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Pack Tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET and 3 accessories


Pack Tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET and 3 accessories to cut tiles.

  • - This pack Tools4pro includes:
    • - Tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET with scoring wheel RUBI of 8mm (includes case according to the model)
    • - Kit of 5 scoring wheels RUBI
    • - Abrasive block for tiles
    • - Maintenance kit for tile cutters
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Pack content!

RUBI tile cutter SPEED MAGNET for frequent cutting of all types of ceramic of porcelain tiles

  • - Multipoint breaker of 800 kg
  • - Lateral stop included
  • - Cutting height: 3-15 mm depending on the material
  • - includes 8 mm scoring wheel (works with 6 to 22mm scoring wheels)
  • - Supplied with or without case
Mobile breakerMax. cutting height: 15 mm800 kg breakerBase accessoryRepetitive cuts45-degree cutsSoft gripfor dry cuts

- With carrying case: 14988, 14989 and 14990.

Case included

Tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET for all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles 

The SPEED-MAGNET range of manual cutters is intended for frequent cutting of all types of ceramic tile, making it ideal for professional ceramic tiler looking for a versatile and light-weight manual cutter for the most demanding jobs. A complete and functional cutter, for comfortable, high-quality work.

Features of this new tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET:

    • Three different cutting measurements: 62, 72 and 92 cm
    • With or without a case
    • Double guides: better visibility during scoring and cutting
    • Mobile breaker that facilitates performing angular cuts
    • Millimetric lateral stop
    • 45º square for diagonal cuts
    • 800 kg multipoint breaker
    • Magnet breaker allowing the operator to work with one hand
    • Fast operating system by magnet, operable with one hand. Greater ease and speed of cutting
    • Additions on the base to increase the support area and the holding of large pieces
    • Mounted solid steel guides which are chromed and rectified to 20 mm
    • Guides with anti-corrosion treatment
    • Reinforced construction elements. High breaking power
    • Aluminium base for greater robustness, lightness and transportability
    • To use with RUBI scoring wheels from 6 to 22mm
    • Cutting height: 3-15 mm depending on the material
    • Includes a 8 mm scoring wheel

    What's the magnet system of this RUBI tile cutter? 

    The MAGNET system locks the breaker, making it easier to score the ceramic tile and with better visibility. On the other hand, by simply moving the lever upwards, we set the breaker which will allow us to apply the 800 kg maximum power and obtain a clean and precise cut. This system allows the operator to work with one hand.

    Differences between the models of RUBI Speed Magnet Tile Cutters: 


    • Cutting capacity of 62 cm
    • Maximum dimensions of the tile to cut in diagonal: 44x44 cm

    cutting length: 62 cmdiagonal cuts: max. 44x44 cm


    • Cutting capacity of 72 cm
    • Maximum dimensions of the tile to cut in diagonal: 51x51 cm

    cutting length: 72 cmdiagonal cuts: max. 51x51 cm


    • Cutting capacity of 92 cm
    • Maximum dimensions of the tile to cut in diagonal: 65x65 cm

    cutting length: 92 cmdiagonal cuts: max. 65x65 cm

    Highlights of the Speed Tile Cutter 


    Data sheet

    Cutting height3-15 mm
    Operable with one hand
    Interchangeable scoring wheelsØ 6 to 22 mm
    Carrying case includedOptional
    Repetitive cuts
    Mobile separator
    Breaker power800 kg
    Fast magnet breaker
    Base supplement
    Double reinforced guide
    Chromed steel guides, rectified and calibrated, with anti-corrosion treatment
    Soft handle
    Cut (wet/dry)Dry cut
    Type of manual tile cutterProfessional
    Manufacturer Warranty

    RUBI Set 2 - A complete set of 5 scoring wheels

    • - 5 different diamaters: 6, 8, 10, 18 and 22 mm
    • - Allow you to cut different materials with different RUBI tile cutters

    Complete set of 5 RUBI scoring wheels: Be prepared for work!

    A great set of scoring wheels to ensure you are always equipped with the right scoring wheel according to the ceramic you want to cut. A must have! 

    Features of this RUBI set of wheels:

    • The kit includes several wheels of different diameters: 6, 8, 10, 18 and 22mm
    • These wheels are suitable for RUBI tile sutters: TS, TS-PLUS, TR, TF and SPEED PLUS
    • They are delivered in a handy case in blister, which upper part is transparent
    • Tungsten carbide scoring wheels opf high resistance and durability
    • Patented model with new high technology RUBI® maximum precision and minimum vibration 

    Details of each scoring wheel provided within the kit RUBI:

    set of rubi scoring wheels

    RUBI Abrasive Block

    - Thin an thick grift
    - Smooths out tiles

    RUBI Maintenance kit for man. tile cutter

    - for the perfect maintenance of all tile cutters, guides and rails, axes, threads, metal surfaces etc.
    - includes care cloth
    - Blister packaging