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Pack Tile cutter RUBI TX-N + Polishing block RUBI


Pack Tile cutter RUBI TX-N + Polishing block RUBI especially for professional tilers.

This pack Tools4pro includes: 
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  • TX-900-N
  • TX-1200-N



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 New model 2018! 

RUBI TX-N tile cutter for intensive cutting of porcelain tiles and extruded tiles.

  • - Breaker of 1000 Kg
  • - Cuts hard materials like porcelain and extruded tiles
  • - Double set of guides
  • - Includes 2 scoring wheels (8 and 18 mm) and case
  • - Aluminium base with shock absorption
  • - Swivel bracket
  • - Cutting height: 6-20 mm
Max. cutting height: 20 mm1,000 kg breakerRepetitive cutsAngular measurementSoft gripCase includedDual reinforced guideMobile breakerBase accessory

RUBI TX-N tile cutter delivered with accessories, ideal for cutting porcelain and extruded tiles of large formats.

The RUBI TX-N tile cutter comes with 2 RUBI diamond scoring wheels (8 mm and 18 mm) and a carrying case. With this powerful manual cutter you can cut porcelain stoneware tiles (Bla type) or extruded stoneware (Al type) of great hardness.
It is currently one of the most powerful manual tile cutters in the entire range of RUBI tools. At the moment Tools4pro sells the model 2018 of the RUBI TX-N tile cutter, which is now manufactured with a lateral stop and rotating square of new design.

Features of the RUBI TX-N tile cutter

Tile cutter to cut tiles from hard materials

  • High performance breaker of 1000 Kg
  • Ideal for easy cutting of porcelain tiles
  • Dual reinforced guide (the two steel guides absorb the bending and allow you to work with the breaker at maximum power)
  • Cutting height of 6 to 20 mm (* according to the material)

RUBI tile cutter professional, ideal for angular cuts

  • Mobile separator: the separation force is applied on any part of the tile
  • Quick and precise measurement for angular cuts thanks to the swivel bracket with central pivot
  • New quick-fix system of the swivel bracket with center pivot of 99.9 cm
  • Lateral stop made of plastic of high quality (design 2018)

RUBI tile cutter ideal for tiles of large formats

  • Aluminium base of high resistance with a two-layer system and shock absorption effect in the springs
  • Lateral supports to place large tiles

Other features of the RUBI TX-N tile cutter

  •  Model 2018!  Lateral stop for fast repetitive cuts. Now it is manufactured with the same lateral stop as the TR MAGNET. It also includes a new rotating square of 99.9 cm
  • Bi-material handle
  • Very ergonomic and clean design
  • Interchangeable scoring wheels of 8 to 22 mm
  • It adapts to the cutting of all types of coating materials
  • Double guide system for a better and greater visibility of the scoring line
  • Anti-corrosion treatment of the guides for a more durable tile cutter
  • Two chromed steel guides, rectified and calibrated for a high precision in every cut
  • Cuts tiles up to 2 cm (* depending on the materials)

Functioning of the RUBI TX-N tile cutter

Here you can see the complete functioning of the RUBI TX-N tile cutter:

* There are some ceramic materials, with thicknesses exceeding 15 mm, which due to their physical characteristics, possible internal pressure or finishes, present difficulties to be cut manually. It is advisable to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

Differences between the models of tile cutters RUBI TX-N 

Below we explain the basic differences between the three models of TX-N so you can buy the porcelain tile cutter that best suits your needs:

RUBI TX-700-N tile cutter to cut tiles up to 71 cm

  • Cutting length of 71 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 50 x 50 cm
  • Weight: 22,2 Kg

RUBI TX-900-N tile cutter to cut tiles up to 93 cm

  • Cutting length of 93 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 65 x 65 cm
  • Weight: 23,9 kg

RUBI TX-1200-N tile cutter to cut tiles up to 125 cm

  • Cutting length of 125 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 85 x 85 cm
  • Includes Wheels Kit for better mobility
  • Handle for easy transport of the cutter
  • Weight: 33,5 Kg

What are the differences between RUBI TX-N and TX? At Tools4pro we help you!

The models of the tile cutters RUBI TX-N and TX are very similar, but they have some quite important differences:
First, the angular measurement system of the two cutters is different. In the RUBI TX-N model, it is a conveyor with a central pivot and a large ruler. In contrast, the RUBI TX model has a smaller conveyor, located next to the machine and with a smaller ruler.
Secondly, the RUBI TX-N tile cutter is available to cut up to a cutting length of 125 cm (with the RUBI TX-1200-N model). On the other hand, the TX range can only cut up to 93 cm with the RUBI TX-900.

Remember that the RUBI TX-N tile cutter a good choice is for cutting porcelain and extruded tiles.

Data sheet

Cutting height6-20 mm
Interchangeable scoring wheelsØ 8 to 22 mm
Carrying case included
Repetitive cuts
Mobile separator
Breaker power1,000 kg
Base supplement
Double reinforced guide
Soft handle
Angular measuring
Cut (wet/dry)Dry cut
Manufacturer Warranty2 years (+ 3 years with CLUB RUBI)
  • Range of diamond rubber pads for roughing, edge polishing and cutting of surfaces of natural stone and ceramic tiles.
  • Semi-flexible. Good adaptation to the user's hand.
  • Wet use is recommended.
  • Different grain sizes:
  • # 60, # 120 and # 200 for roughing.
  • # 400 for polishing.
  • Dimensions of the diamond plate: 55x90 mm.
  • Rubber pad dimensions: 58x94x30 mm.

The range of RUBI manual diamond polishing pads is ideal for edge grinding and polishing, both for surface cuts of natural stone and ceramic tiles.

The RUBI manual diamond polishing pads are semi-flexible diamond and their EVA body means they have excellent adaptation to the user’s hand. The grip has a side slit that increases the ergonomics of the block and reduces hand fatigue during use. The manual diamond polishing pads are designed to work manually on those areas where access with electrical tools is very complicated, such as interior angles, hollow areas or corners and for roughing and smoothing of chipped or sharp edges.

To get a good result, the type of material should be taken into account, as well as its condition. RUBI manual diamond rubber polishing pads can be used for dry work but wet use is recommended, whether by wetting the pad or providing a continuous source of cooling.

The range of RUBI manual diamond rubber polishing pads comes in different particle sizes to perform various works of polishing and finishing. It is very important that the polishing work is staggered, using the different grits in succession. Starting with the larger-sized grain to the smallest. In grinding and/or edge smoothing work, the movement of the block should always be from the top part (most visible) to the bottom part. Thus, the risk of chipping or damage of material is reduced. The functions of the various grits are: #60, #120 and #200 for smoothing. #400 for polishing. For a better finish, you need to be more insistent with the larger-sized grits. The dimensions of the rubber pad diamond plate for polishing are 55x90 mm. The dimensions of the rubber pad are 58x94x30 mm.

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Pack Tile cutter RUBI TX-N + Polishing block RUBI

Pack Tile cutter RUBI TX-N + Polishing block RUBI

Pack Tile cutter RUBI TX-N + Polishing block RUBI especially for professional tilers.

This pack Tools4pro includes: 

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