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Pack RUBI Diamond blade TVH + Cleaning block RUBI View larger
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Pack Diamond blade TVH + Cleaning block RUBI


Cleaning Bloc with your TVH diamond Blade! 

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Pack Diamond blade TVH + Cleaning block RUBI

Pack Diamond blade TVH + Cleaning block RUBI

Cleaning Bloc with your TVH diamond Blade! 

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Pack content!

Turbo Viper diamond blade, ideal for hard materials.

- Combines high cutting speed and quality for the finishes.
- RUBI Blade recommended for hard materials:
- Granite, rustic stoneware, clinker, the refractory stoneware, porcelain tile, slate...
- Its specific design allow to cut hard materials with higher speed while preserving the quality of finishes.

with water

RUBI Diamond blade specially designed for hard materials. 

The TVH Blade has a Turbo Rim which allow high speed during cutting and optimum quality! This diamond blade is to be used with water refrigeration on electric tile saw. 

Features of the RUBI TVH Diamond Blade:

  • TURBO VIPER continuous rim.
  • New design of the diamond rim.
  • Easy to use, allow high cutting speed and optimum quality for your finishes.
  • The blade is from 1,6 mm. to 2,4mm. thick (depending on the diameter) and the center is in steel with a reinforced part.
  • This diamond blade is part of the RUBI new range the TVH is for wet cuts, The RUBI TVA for dry cuts.
  • Allow you to cut: granite, slate, silicon tile, clinker, rustic sandstone, quartz, hardened concrete, porcelain, stoneware extruded...
  • To be used with electric tile cutter on ceramic and other construction materials. 

In the below video you may see the TVH diamond blade in action!

This is used on materials such as porcelain stoneware, the silestone and others! 

You are interested in this blade for dry cuts? Check out the TVA diamond blade description. This is from the same range and help you to cuts the same materials. 

Data sheet

Cut (wet/dry) Wet cut
Inside diameter 25.4 mm
Diamond rim Thickness TVH SUPERPRO 200-250: 1.6 mm // TVH SUPERPRO 300: 2 mm // TVH SUPERPRO 350: 2.4 mm
Diamond rim height 10 mm
Classification of RUBI blades by color Hard & Duro: HARD MATERIALS. Recommended blade for cutting hard materials such as granite, slate, firebrick, etc.
Types and uses of RUBI Diamond Blades TURBO VIPER: Best of a TURBO, with the best finishes and cutting speed.
Certification: European Regulatory Comission
Certification: Russian legislation Gosstandard

The Cleaning Block increase your Diamond Blade durability! 

Cut the Cleaning block as if it was a ceramic and it will show the diamond of your diamond blade!