RUBI TP-S Professional Tile Cutter - Model 2018


RUBI TP-S Tile cutter - Model 2018: with a single guide from RUBI.

  • - For intensive cutting of ceramic and porcelain tiles
  • - Single guide with multipoint breaker and angular measurement
  • - Perfect for cutting porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • - Breaking power of 1000kg
  • - Cutting height between *5-20mm
  • - Reinforced breaker
  • - incl. 22 mm scoring wheel (Ref. 18914)

1,000 kg breakerMax. cutting height: 20 mmmobile breakerrepetitive cutssoft gripBase accessoryfor dry cuts

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  • TP-66-S
  • TP-75-S
  • TP-93-S
  • TP-102-S
  • TP-125-S

More details on the RUBI TP-S Professional Tile Cutter - Model 2018

For high quality cutting of ceramic, but also ideal for porcelain tiles

Features of the RUBI TP-S cutter:

  • Powerful breaker of 1,000 kg
  • Guide system highly resistant to impacts resulting in longer product life
  • Ergonomic handle with incorporated separator for greater speed and ease of use
  • Swivel bracket with central pivot for fast and accurate measurements
  • Long-lasting laser engraved square
  • Reinforced breaking feet
  • Lateral stop for accurate repetitive cuts
  • Basecoat with damp-proof effect
  • Support base for large formats
  • Carrying handle (TP-66-S and TP-75-S)
  • Designed for 'pushing' the handle to use
  • RUBIFLEX ergonomic handle
  • Ø 22 mm scoring wheel included (Ref. 18914)

What are the differences between the models of RUBI Tile cutters TP-S - Model 2018?

The three different models of the RUBI TP-S have these technical features in common, among others.
  • Cutting height of 5-20 mm
  • Power of the breaker of 1000 kg
  • Scoring wheel RUBI of 22 mm included, ref. 18914
  • Does not include case
In addition, each model has different characteristics to better adapt itself to the size of tile that the tiler wants to cut.

Cut tiles with the RUBI tile cutter TP-66-S.

  • Cutting length: 66 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 46x46 cm
  • Weight: 11,5 kg
  • Transporthandle included

Easy transport of the RUBI tile cutter TP-75-S.

  • Cutting length: 75 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 53x53 cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Includes transporthandle

Now you can cut porcelain with the RUBI tile cutter TP-93-S - New Model of 2018

  • Cutting length: 93 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 65x65 cm
  • Weight: 15,9 kg
  • Model 2018! Lateral stop in black. It is made of polyamide technical plastic with fiberglass reinforcement. It is a new lateral stop with great rigidity and very ergonomic

The new tile cutter RUBI TP-102-S - New model of 2019 

  • Cutting length: 102 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 70x70 cm
  • Weight: 16,8 Kg
  •  Model 2019!  New model manufactured in 2019. Previously there was no such model

Cut porcelain with the tile cutter RUBI TP-125-S - New model of 2019 

  • Cutting length: 125 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length: 85x85 cm
  • Weight: 23,6 Kg
  •  Model 2019!  New model manufactured in 2019. Previously there was no such model

You want to see the tile cutter in action in order to see if this is the one you need? See the following video of the RUBI TP-S:

    * The manufacturer RUBI: There are some ceramic materials, with thicknesses exceeding 15 mm, which due to their physical characteristics, possible internal tensions or finishes, present difficulties to be cut manually. It is advisable to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

    The manufacturer preserves the right to change the content at any time without further notice.

    Features of the RUBI TP-S Professional Tile Cutter - Model 2018

    Cutting height5-20 mm
    Repetitive cuts
    Mobile separator
    Breaker power1,000 kg
    Base supplement
    Soft handle
    Angular measuring
    Cut (wet/dry)Dry cut
    Manufacturer Warranty2 years (+ 3 years with CLUB RUBI)

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