Tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS: The evolution of a tile cutter

Tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS: Comparison. I’m sure you already know the Tile cutter RUBI TS Max is the new RUBI TS Tile cutter. But do you know the difference between the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS? Next, we’ll discover all the features of the old model and its evolution. Differences between the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX and RUBI TS. Here, we explain all the features that differentiate the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX with previous model of RUBI TS tile cutter. Breaker power of 800 Kg: 45% more power than the model RUBI TS (550 Kg). Progressive… >>>

Use your DIY tools and make a magazine holder for your home

Use your DIY tools to make this great magazine holder and decorate your living room! At Tools4Pro we love decorating, DIY projects &  DIY tools! We think this DIY project to create a wall-mounted magazine holder can be very useful for everyone, especially for those who enjoy reading magazines and keep them close to hand in the living room. In addition, this project is great because you need few tools and materials, you will see that it is very easy and quick to do. Here we explain the step by step… Step 1. Prepare, cut and sand the wooden boards To start, take two… >>>

Tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S: Differences between them

Tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S, the evolution of the tile cutters RUBI TR range. Currently, we can say there is a big difference between the tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S. RUBI has innovated in technology, design and has created the evolution of  its classic TR-S tile cutter that everyone used at work. Do you want to know more about the differences between these two models of RUBI tile cutters? During this year 2017, have appeared several new models of ceramic cutters with very appreciable changes for professional tilers. Do you like to use the latest model of tile… >>>

Building tools for ten new materials

Building tools and new materials. Today we want to tell you about ten new building materials to revolutionise construction sector, always thought to use with the best building tools. What changes will we find in the future with these new building materials? Can you imagine how will building tools change to be used with these new building materials? Some ideas may sound crazy but they are some of the most important researches that are currently carried out. They are also ‘experiments’ that are being tested on a large scale. Cement that generates light? Concrete fit for use on Mars? Biodegradable furniture? Pollution-sucking bricks? Below we explain… >>>

The best DIY garden ideas for spring

Want to get great DIY garden ideas for this spring? In Tools4Pro we’ve found great DIY garden ideas for spring and want to share them with you! We will also explain the best DIY tools for your spring projects. Electric sander to create garden furniture with pallets. Turn wood pallets into fully recycled garden furniture. For this, you will need an electric sander to be able to sand the pallets and that the furniture is totally fine to use. Want to see step by step how to create a table with pallets? Create a fire pit with a spade Light is very important to… >>>

Where to get RUBI tile cutter spare parts?

RUBI tile cutter spare parts available on Tools4Pro website You have a RUBI tile cutter and would like to find some RUBI tile cutter parts easily? We have the solution ! We are currently offering RUBI tile cutter spare parts on our website. Sometimes, RUBI tile cutter parts are difficult to find or to buy from your local store, therefore, at Tools4Pro we decided to add some new RUBI tile cutter spares to our catalogue. Our RUBI tile cutter spares section is ideal for you if you know you can fix your tile cutter instead of buying a new one! Why you should buy… >>>

DIY Winter gardening tips to get a perfect garden in summer!

DIY Winter gardening is important to have a perfect garden in summer DIY Winter gardening is important to maintain your garden during winter and ensure it’s ready for summer! DIY activities in the garden will help you to have an impeccable garden for the spring-summer season. Today, at Tools4Pro, we give you some tips and basic tasks to get a perfect garden! DIY Winter gardening step by step. Trees It is now time to prune deciduous trees, such as fruit trees. If there is frequent frost we advise deferring pruning until spring. Thus, plants will not suffer from frost. Remember… >>>

Woodworking to make a simple jewellery hanger with Tools4Pro

Woodworking is a good way to make your own jewellery hanger: easy and cute! We know everyone likes to be practical and take advantage of the spaces, so we want to teach you a very simple way to create a nice jewellery hanger, doing woodworking. You will need very few tools and materials… You will love the result! Before you begin, prepare the following: drill, mallet, nails, tree branches (whatever measurements you want), and rope. Step by step to create a nice jewellery hanger:  Step 1: Cut branches into the necessary measures To start, give a personalised look to your project: cut the… >>>

Manual tile cutter RUBI TR MAGNET!

Manual tile cutter RUBI TR MAGNET now available on tools4pro.com! The manual tile cutter RUBI TR MAGNET is one of the new RUBI 2017 tools. In addition, this RUBI manual cutter is perfect for diagonal cuts with a new magnetic breaking system. Tile cutter RUBI TR-MAGNET, is the new TR-S Firstly, you should know this new RUBI cutter replaces the old RUBI TR-S manual tile cutter. It is also manufactured with the new MAGNET system, the same type of separator as the new manual tile cutter RUBI SPEED MAGNET. What’s new in this manual tile cutter RUBI TR MAGNET? Mobile separator or multi-point… >>>

Cut extruded stoneware with RUBI

Do you want to cut extruded stoneware with RUBI? Extruded stoneware is a common tile material well known in the tiling sector. Tilers must be prepared to cut this resistant material of great thickness. Today, we’ll give you some tips to cut those tiles. We are going to answer basic questions about stoneware and introduce with RUBI manual tile cutters used for extruded stoneware. This is a kind of tutorial to cut extruded stoneware and ensure good finishes with RUBI tools. Special extruded stoneware tile for steps. Manual ceramic cutter : fast, economic and clean.  The 90% of extruded stoneware cuts are… >>>
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