New RUBI tools 2019 at CERSAIE 2018

What are the new RUBI tools 2019 at CERSAIE 2018? Below we will explain the 4 novelties presented at CERSAIE 2018 by the manufacturer RUBI: TQ, TX-MAX, RUBIMIX-E 10 ENERGY and TC-125. The new RUBI tools 2019 will surprise every professional tiler. All of them have been presented at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile in Bologna, as well as other novelties in accessories or other tools for the ceramic tile sector. The Cersaie Exhibition 2018 took place from the 24th till the 28th of september 2018. The tile cutter RUBI TQ, the new tile cutter with mono-guide from RUBI Now we know a little bit more about the new tile cutter RUBI TQ.… >>>

Diamond drill bits RUBI DRYGRES to drill in porcelain tiles

Diamond drill bits RUBI DRYGRES to drill in porcelain tiles: fast and easy Nowadays we are faced with a general problem in the construction sector: making holes in porcelain tiles. Drilling in porcelain can be a real nightmare for both professionals as for individuals. Now it is much easier to use Diamond drill bits RUBI DRYGRES to drill in porcelain tiles. During the last years, the coatings and pavements have been evolving and qualities like the hardness, wear and resistance of building materials are improving. All these qualities are advantages to deliver much better tiling work but … How to drill tiles without breaking them to connect bathroom accessories, screens, kitchen taps …?… >>>

Tile cutter RUBI TZ, the most powerful tile cutter RUBI till the date

Discover the new tile cutter RUBI TZ, one of the most powerful manual tile cutter  Currently the tile cutter RUBI TZ is the most powerful RUBI manual cutter on the market. This year 2017, RUBI has launched its most powerful tile cutter with 1.500kg breaker. The tile cutter RUBI TZ is already available for sale on Tools4Pro. Below we explain you the key features of the RUBI TZ  1. PURE POWER, Maximum power. Maximum separation power of 1500 kg. Mechanism that allows us to scratch and separate with one hand. 2. Softness and precision of cut. Sliding of the bearings very smooth and precise.… >>>

Take your DIY tools and build a little house for your pet

In Tools4Pro we want to teach you how to build a little house for your pet with your DIY tools 🙂  You can adapt the size of the little house according to the size of your pet. We have done it using the right measures for a cat or a small dog. So, take your DIY tools to start this great project! Materials and Tools4Pro tools: 2 wooden planks of 80×40 cm 1 wooden plank of 40×40 cm Pencil Varnish and/or paint (odorless) Measuring tape Drill Jig saw Screws for wood Screwdriver Sander Step by step Tools4Pro Step 1: Use a measuring tape and mark the wooden planks To begin, take a measuring tape and the two planks of 80×40 cm, and mark them with a pencil in the measures indicated below.… >>>

Tiling tools: Essential tools for tilers by Tools4Pro

Tiling tools: What are the essential ones?  We love tiling tools and tiling industry. We also it’s very important to have good professional tools to do a good job. Therefore, we’ve made a short list of the essential tiling tools for those you need tiling equipment. We think they are essential for every professional tiler. Do you have more tools to add to the Tools4Pro list? Manual tiling tools ideal for cutting and laying tiles Manual tiling tool No1: The RUBI manual tile cutter RUBI is a well known manufacturer in the tiling sector, the first to manufacture manual tile cutters used everyday.… >>>

Create a vertical planter with your DIY tools

Create a vertical planter with your DIY tools, and give shape to your garden 🙂 With this good weather we all feel more like being outside, seeing beautiful landscapes and enjoying nature. Today, we want to show you how to make a vertical planter with some DIY tools for you to place in your garden or outside entrance. You can do it with the letter that you want without problem, putting the initial of your name, for example. Depending on the season of year you can decorate it in a thousand different ways, you can even put artificial flowers if you do not want to worry about having to water it daily.… >>>

Tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS: The evolution of a tile cutter

Tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS: Comparison. I’m sure you already know the Tile cutter RUBI TS Max is the new RUBI TS Tile cutter. But do you know the difference between the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX vs TS? Next, we’ll discover all the features of the old model and its evolution. Differences between the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX and RUBI TS. Here, we explain all the features that differentiate the tile cutter RUBI TS MAX with previous model of RUBI TS tile cutter. Breaker power of 800 Kg: 45% more power than the model RUBI TS (550 Kg).… >>>

Use your DIY tools and make a magazine holder for your home

Use your DIY tools to make this great magazine holder and decorate your living room! At Tools4Pro we love decorating, DIY projects &  DIY tools! We think this DIY project to create a wall-mounted magazine holder can be very useful for everyone, especially for those who enjoy reading magazines and keep them close to hand in the living room. In addition, this project is great because you need few tools and materials, you will see that it is very easy and quick to do. Here we explain the step by step… Step 1. Prepare, cut and sand the wooden boards To start, take two wooden boards.… >>>

Tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S: Differences between them

Tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S, the evolution of the tile cutters RUBI TR range. Currently, we can say there is a big difference between the tile cutter RUBI TR Magnet vs TR-S. RUBI has innovated in technology, design and has created the evolution of  its classic TR-S tile cutter that everyone used at work. Do you want to know more about the differences between these two models of RUBI tile cutters? During this year 2017, have appeared several new models of ceramic cutters with very appreciable changes for professional tilers. Do you like to use the latest model of tile cutter?… >>>
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